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Meal Planning: Breakfast Ideas

Hello Bees!! Today I am going to share some of my breakfast choices which give me comfort in the morning rush hours and also packed of deliciousness. We all have different taste bud with different choices of food. These breakfast menus are just to give you some sort of ideas and wanted to motivate you to maintain a easy household management in your busy life.

Our life became so hectic that we do not even have time to make our food as healthy as we want. Also it is much needed to add variation in our food to break the monotony. Sometime due to lack of information , we are unaware of our foods nutritional value too.

In today’s article I will try to give an insight on some exciting breakfast ideas.

Our Indian food mainly consists with lots of carbohydrates. Our breakfast all about paratha, roti (Indian flat bread), bread, potato and less or no protein or fiber. So try to add protein and fiber packed food with lots of fruits and good dry fruits.

I am always looking for the recipe which is Easy-no timing taking-tasty-Filling-adding nutritional value- boring  traditional …phew…list is quite long. 😡  but of course with those super lazy days you have to trust on those traditional ones like oats with milk, dry

fruits and fruits (i like to add banana, apple or whatever fruits i have on hand) and flax seeds or chia seeds with honey. Just a little research i did when i added these goodness in our daily life. But always remember do not over do anything that can hurt you back.

Little information:Flax seeds = It’s high in fiber and low in carbs. Also it has Omega 3 fatty acid, protein, Vitamin B1, Selenium, phosphorus, manganese etc.for healthy skin and hair, weight loss, lower the cholesterol and much more.


7 thoughts on “Meal Planning: Breakfast Ideas

  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas, I too am trying to make breakfast time more nutritious. This can be difficult given the time factor and my fussy little eaters! I hope to be making nutrient packed smoothies once the weather warms up ( I live in the uk), using fruits, veg, chia/flax seeds, nuts etc. I look forward to using some of your ideas too!

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  2. Jaya, You are amazing, really, I respect You from the, bottom of my heart. Keep sharing such a beautiful blog posts along with videos.

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    1. Hello Tejinder ji, I am so so happy to have you here and I must say I am really lucky to have you as food hashtag life’s follower. You always support me and boost my morale whenever I feel low. I really appreciate your support. Thank you 🙂


  3. Thank you so much Jaya for your lovely ideas, it really makes the daily planning very easy, and once again thank you for sharing your thoughts and breakfast list. I have already copied down your both weekly meal plan and breakfast list.
    Do share such lovely ideas with us. And I will definitely try out your new recipes.


  4. Hi Jaya, your breakfast list is too good, and I will share it with my relatives and friends, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.


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